Murie Glen
Single Family Development, Hamburg Township, Michigan


The Murie Glen development is located in Hamburg Township, Michigan on a 48 acre parcel that overlooks Thompson Pond, a glacial remnant of the last ice age. Hamburg Township was an ideal location for a development due to the aging population and growing desire to live near to Ann Arbor but still enjoy the nature of Michigan. We recognized an opportunity and collaborated with the township officials to develop an open space planned unit development zoning code that encourage the integration of elderly housing and market rate family oriented homes.

Through the coordination with city planners, city council members, and site contractors we rewrote the Hamburg Township zoning code to grant a higher density and diversity of housing typologies. Originally only 27 lots of single family homes were allowed on site, but through the rezoning and our discussions with the city we were able to achieve 51 lots of development. The 51 lots comprised of 20 elderly cottage homes and 31 single family lots. ECHO housing will be designated for residents 55 and up. This jump in density was widely supported by the planning commission and we achieved final site approval in January, 2022.

By creating this diverse neighborhood we encourage families to live together at all stages of their life. We have received interest of people looking for their family home, and a home for their parents. Even neighboring residents that were skeptical of the development have expressed interest in purchasing a home to be close to their parents as they age. 

The Murie Glen community is based on early 20th century neighborhood design and new Urbanist principles. Theseneighborhoods had compact streets with the homes close to the sidewalk, narrow lots that create a pleasant rhythm along the street, and connected parks with easy access and large open lawns. Today these neighborhoods are some of the most valuable in the country.

Our layout features a range of smaller affordable 5,000 square foot lots to larger high-end 15,000 square foot lots. In accordance with code we were able to maintain 60% of the site as open space with nearly 2 acres of maintained park space.


Single Family Homes
Fraga | 4 bedroom, 3 baths | 2,236 sf

ECHO Housing (Elderly Cottage Housing Opportunity)
Vela | 1 bedroom, 1 bath | less than 980 sf (as dictated by code)

Maia | 2 bedrooms, 1 bath | less than 980 sf (as dictated by code)

Kaitos | 2 bedrooms, 1 bath | less than 980 sf (as dictated by code)

ADUs (Accessible Dwelling Units)Alpha | 1 bedroom, 1 bath | 2 car garage | less than 600 sf

Beta | 1 bedroom, 1 bath | 2 car garage | less than 600 sf

Delta | 1 bedroom, 1 bath | less than 600 sf

Gamma | 1 bedroom, 1 bath | less than 600 sf

Home designs developed for Murie Glen are preliminary and owned by A2 Collaborative as part of our home design portfolio. This design was offered to the builder as a potential home that could be included in the development.